Our approach to reporting

We use our Sustainable Development (SD) Report to present a concise explanation of our sustainability performance and journey. This is our 12th standalone SD report, and we encourage our stakeholders to read it with the Group's 2020 Annual Report.

We transparently and succinctly report on our material issues, guided by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards and the supporting Mining and Metals Sector Supplement. We also adhere to the International Finance Corporation Environmental, Health and Safety (IFC EHS) Guidelines and the Equator Principles and applicable standards of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

Scope and boundary

This report covers operations managed by the Group during 2020. Positive and negative impacts of all material issues are presented in themes outlined in the material issues section. Each material issue has the potential to change our existing environmental, economic and social systems.


Data in this report is based on monitoring selected performance criteria, mainly from the GRI Standards, IFC EHS Guidelines and Equator Principles. Data is continuously monitored and reported to the Group at monthly, quarterly and annual intervals. We strive to show trends for five years unless the information is unavailable.

Although the data in this report is not independently verified, it was endorsed by our internal quality control processes and external safety, health, legal and environmental system audits undertaken annually.

Terms used in this report
Gem Diamonds, the
Group or the Company
All companies in the Gem Diamonds Group.
The company/operation The relevant company (for example, Letšeng).
Letšeng The Letšeng mine in the Kingdom of Lesotho (Letšeng Diamonds).
Ghaghoo The Ghaghoo mine in the Republic of Botswana (Gem Diamonds Botswana).